Queens and Nassau County
Real Estate and Trusts Lawyer

If you need help with a real estate issue in New York, Nassau County Real Estate Lawyer Jean M. Kestel can talk to you about your case.  She has been practicing for three decades, building on her knowledge and skills in her real estate practice.

She can help you with personal real estate or business real estate, and she has represented people on both sides of common contract and management disputes. She can assist you with cooperative apartments, condominiums, residential leases and with buying and selling both residential and commercial properties.  She can also aid you in trusts and estates issues.

Personal Real Estate

Because she specializes in Cooperative Apartments laws, Queens County Lawyer Jean M. Kestel can help you with the many different kinds of legal issues that arise when you choose this kind of home.  She has direct experience in issues ranging from buying and selling, tax issues, management problems and many other problems that can naturally come up when living in this kind of shared space.

Nassau County Real Estate Lawyer Jean M. Kestel also has extensive experience in issues relating to condominium laws, including those which involve buying and selling and issues with Homeowners Associations. She can also assist with regular residential real estate conflicts, such as contract disputes and leases.

Commercial Real Estate

If you have a business in New York, you need property to base your physical location, and you don’t want to worry about problems that come up later with your title or lease.  Nassau Real Estate Lawyer Jean M. Kestel will thoroughly review your real estate agreements so that you not only get treated fairly in the beginning, but so that you are less likely to have unexpected problems later.

New York Real Estate Lawyer

Because of her commitment to providing quality representation and her excellent work ethic, Nassau Real Estate Lawyer Jean M. Kestel has built a reputation as someone who treats her clients fairly and gets the job done right the first time.  If you need help with Real Estate issues in Nassau County or Queens County, you can call Attorney Jean M. Kestel, Esq., P.C. today for a free consultation with someone who has been serving this community since 1984.

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