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Jean M. Kestel, Esq.

After she earned her law degree from St. John’s Law School in Queens in 1984, Queens and Nassau County Real Estate and Trusts Lawyer Jean M. Kestel decided to stay in that area and serve her community to the best of her ability.   She chose to practice in real estate law and trusts, where she could help individuals and families with sometimes complicated but personal problems.

As an experienced legal counsel since 1984, Attorney Jean M. Kestel, P.C. has successfully represented people from all walks of life and helped them achieve their goals regarding homes and businesses.

Real Estate Made Personal

Queens County Attorney Jean M. Kestel recognizes that the places people choose to call home or work are significant parts of their lives, so she has built her practice on the theory that she can improve people’s lives by solving their real estate problems. Known for being attentive and persistent, New York Attorney Jean M. Kestel closely listens to her clients’ needs before setting out to work for them.

Building on her own sense of community, she has helped clients with multiple issues over the years and then sometimes helped family members. Known for her patience, Nassau County Real Estate Lawyer Jean M. Kestel is thorough and tireless when it comes to getting the best results for her clients.

Trusts and Estates

Nassau County Trusts and Estates Lawyer Jean M. Kestel also specializes in trusts and estates. She can help you to prepare a will, and she will talk to you about your estate and the best way to avoid or lower your estate tax costs.

Queens County Trusts and Estates Lawyer Jean M. Kestel will also be able to help if you need living trusts; to prepare powers of attorney, including a medical power of attorney; and to open and manage trusts.  An attorney can also act as the executor of your estate to make sure your wishes are carried out as you outlined in your will.

Working with Property to Help People

Nassau and Queens County Attorney Jean M. Kestel has spent the last decades helping the community by resolving problems with property and trusts and estates. For capable, considerate guidance in all your real estate problems, call Nassau and Queens County Attorney Jean M. Kestel today for a free consultation.

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