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Experienced legal counsel since 1984, Queens Attorney Jean M. Kestel has focused her attention on various kinds of property law.  Working in and around Queens County and Nassau County, she has proven to be competent and thorough when she handles the wide variety of cases she chooses.

Because she has spent so much time in one area of practice,   Nassau Attorney Jean M. Kestel has built both her knowledge and experience base. She has successfully helped clients with residential and commercial problems and earned a reputation as a thoughtful but tenacious advocate.

Cooperative Apartments

When you buy a condominium, you are purchasing an actual physical piece of property that shares some common spaces with others and has associated fees, usually related to upkeep.  In contrast, cooperative apartments are owned by a corporation, and when you buy your home you’re actually buying shares of the corporation.

Queens Attorney Jean M. Kestel specializes in cooperative apartments, helping those who choose this popular way of buying a home in New York.   There are many tricky issues related to buying, selling, maintenance and disagreements with other owners. A lawyer can help sort out these disputes and represent you if they escalate.


You will own the land if you buy a condominium instead of a cooperative apartment, which means that you won’t be paying as many of the maintenance fees for the building but you will be paying property taxes.

Like those living in cooperative apartments, tenants share living areas and conflicts arise because of those who don’t follow the rules or pay the homeowner’s association fees. Real Estate Lawyer Jean M. Kestel can represent you and even go to court if you need.

Homes and Businesses

Queens Attorney Jean M. Kestel can help people buying and selling homes, and people with real estate contract disputes.  She also has experience with landlord-tenant issues, and other matters related to property law.

Whether you are dealing with personal or business real estate, residential or commercial or a combination, Nassau Attorney Jean M. Kestel has experience with your kind of case. If you need help with a real estate problem in the Queens or Nassau area, you can call   Attorney Jean M. Kestel, Esq., P.C. for a free consultation today.

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