Queens and Nassau Trusts and Estates Lawyer

Nassau County Attorney Jean M. Kestel has spent the last three decades focusing her law practice on various kinds of property law. One of her major areas of focus is trusts and estates, where she helps individuals manage their own affairs and gives them the security of knowing their affairs will continue to be handled when they are gone.

New York Estates Lawyer

Most people who think of an estate lawyer think of someone who simply draws up a will, but estate attorneys actually do far more than that. From will probation to probate, an attorney fulfills many helpful functions.

Before you start writing, you will want to gather documents regarding all your assets and liabilities.  Your attorney will analyze your estate to find ways to not just divide your property the way you want, but to avoid taxes as much as possible so that most of your estate is preserved and makes it into the hands of your loved ones.

Once you are gone your attorney can continue to manage your estate, through probate, ensuring that your final wishes are carried out. Nassau County Attorney Jean M. Kestel is willing to assist you through the process from preparing your will to seeing that it is executed the way you wanted.

New York Trusts Lawyer

A trust is simply an arrangement where a third party holds assets for beneficiaries. This is one of the ways you can avoid estate taxes, as the assets have already been put into the trust, so they won’t go through probate with the rest of your assets. This could also save time and court fees.

There are several kinds of trusts, from testamentary to charitable, and Queens Attorney Jean M. Kestel can help you determine how best to make those trusts work for you, so that your assets will be intact and your legacy can be protected.

The Guidance You Deserve

As an experienced legal counsel since 1984, Nassau County Attorney Jean M. Kestel can make sure your trusts and estates needs are met and your family is taken care of. Call the law firm of Jean M. Kestel, Esq., P.C. today for your free consultation and the peace of mind you deserve.

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